Program in English

Program of “River Basins as governance labs”

 Friday 11

Assemblage of the radio of “Oficina Itinerante” at Isla =Paulino (Puerto La Plata) and starting of the workshops “Territorio =y Radialidad” by Fabiano Kueva from Oido Salvaje.

 Saturday 12

Beginning of the workshop “listening and field registering” at Isla Paulino together with members of Vivero Experimental “El Albardón”

Sunday 13

Workshop of radio documentary at Isla Paulino, together with members of Museo de las Aves del Plata

 Lunes 14/7

Visit to Isla Paulino of Workshop and field registering. Meeting of all participant organizations in the itinerancy at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación

 Martes 15/7

Travelling along the =cuenca Matanza­Riachuelo and presentation of the monitoring platform “¿Qué pasa, Riachuelo?” together with members of the governing body of the MR =basin at the Museo Quinquela de La Boca, La Boca.

Assistance of participants from the research project of relationships between art, society and environment of the Programa de Artistas of Universidad Di Tella.

 Wednesday 16

Visit to Punta Lara. Traveling around the area where the project by Ala Plastica Junco: Especies Emergentes, started (1995).

Sailing the Rio Santiago (Puerto La Plata).

Meeting at the “Galpon Aula” at Isla Paulino. A space generated by the Association of Producers Family Producers of Delta Santiago, Ala Plástica and m7red (Nodo Sur del Ecuador Politico)

Radio program at the Nueva Terminal de =Contenedores Puerto la Plata Visit to the calle Nueva York, Berisso. The stratified economical history of Puerto La Plata: Slaughterhouses, Industrialization and Containerization.

Meeting at the Anglo­Argentine bar.

 Thursday 17

Visit to an agricultural produce at Los Talas, in the framework of the project Mimbre: Una Perspectiva Regional, an initiative of =Productores Familiares, Artesanos, Ala Plástica y el Programa Prohuerta INTA­ MDSN. Meeting and lunch at the Cooperativa Productores de la Costa.

Day of “open radio” at the site of the project “Territorio y Realidad” at Isla Paulino.

Presentation at the “Galpon de Encomiendas y Embalajes” del Grupo La Grieta. Organized together with the Instituto de Historia del Arte Argentino


 Friday 18

Meeting at the La Dársena, a platform for artistic thinking and interaction.

 Saturday 19

Visit to the Cooperativa Los =Mimbreros in Tigre, and traveling around the area of production. Night passing at the Delta.

 Sunday 20

Punta Querandí / New gated communities PIECAS and territorial plans.

 Monday 21

Traveling along the area of where the soybean complex is located and visit to the biggest crushing plant of the world, between Timbúes, San Lorenzo y Rosario.

Workshop with local initiatives at the Centro Cultural Parque de España

Presentation of Brian Holmes “Localized at Chicago: Art as collective mapping” as part of the program “Ecología, Video y Debate”, conduced by Sergio Rinaldi, at the Centro Cultural Fontanarrosa.

 Tuesday 22

Visit to the vegetable garden park “Molino Blanco”, an experience developed by the Programa de Agricultura Urbana de Rosario. Lunch at the location.

Visit to the Rosario’s Grain Stock Exchange Workshop with local initiatives at the Centro Cultural Parque de España On the same day at the city of Victoria, Entre Rios,”Taller Flotante” organizes:

Setting up of the “islander tent” of the collective Taller Flotante at the main square of the city of Victoria (Entre Rios). Arrival of the Oficina Itinerante and activation of the radio workshop: “Territorio =y radialidad” by Fabiano Kueva from Oido Salvaje together with local activists from the river coast and the islands, schoolteachers, =community leaders and special guests.

Intervention and actions on the Islander tent by youngs from several city’s neighborhoods.

 Wednesday 23

Traveling trough deep rural areas. Visit to an agro­ecological enterprise at Casilda. Lunch at the location Visit to the Biblioteca Vigil. An emblematic experience of the 60­70’s which were expropriated by the military and recently retaken by the community. In its facilities, nowadays functions an art school run by the provincial government.

On the same day at the city of Victoria, Entre Rios, “Taller Flotante” organizes: Oficina Itinerante and workshop from the project “Territorio y radialidad” by Fabiano Kueva from Oido Salvaje. Workshop =”Plants for health” by Matilde Zúcaro from Vivero El Albardón (sede: Posada Siete Paraísos).

 Thursday 24

Visit to the port, fiscalization post and the Rosario­Victoria bridge. Viewpoints and observation of the Alto Delta from “Dos colinas” ( La Matanza ­Quinto Cuartel hill). Meeting at the “Islander tent”.

Public Presentation of “Las Cuencas comma Laboratorios de Gobernanza” at the Centro Cultural Parque de España (AECID) Rosario

 Friday 25

Presentation of Brian Homes and Sarah Lewinson from the collaborative project Compass at the workshop of “Relationships between Art, Society and Environemnt”. Art department from the Universidad Di Tella.

Conference of Critical Art Ensemble Universidad Di Tella

 Saturday 26

Presentation of the experience “River basins as governance labs” at the Museo Quinquela de La Boca, La Boca.

Closure of the itinerary.

Promoted by (Rosario/Victoria)

El Levante, Taller Ecologista de Rosario, Red Delta del Paraná, Taller Flotante, Programa de Agricultura Urbana de Rosario, El Paraná No Se Toca, Taller de Comunicación Ambiental, Centro Ecologista Renacer, Instituto de Estudios Territoriales (C.A.P.E.R.)

Promoted by (La Plata)

Síntoma Curadores, La Grieta, Instituto de Historia del Arte Argentino FBA­UNLP, Productores Familiares del Delta Santiago, Vivero Experimental El Albardón, Cambio Rural – INTA y la Cooperativa de Productores de la Costa

Promoted by (CABA)

La Dársena, Centro Cultural de la Cooperación.



Alianza sistema de Humedales Paraguay ­ Paraná / CASA / Haudenschild Garage /  Cambio Rural – INTA


Project co­commisariated by Ala Plastica and M7red Both organizations are members of the Nodo Sur del Ecuador Politico together with Teddy Cruz from Centro para Ecologías Urbanas of the UCSD


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